The Stark 

$64.63 $206.84
You are a free spirit, not one to be tamed by the desk. You love to travel, and you’re always ready.

The Starks size makes it ideal for laptops with plenty of additional room for newspapers, A4 notepads and your lunch as well.

The Stark is available in both black leather with a khaki grey interior and Walnut brown
leather with a navy blue interior. The padded back piece and leather shoulder pads make this one
of the most comfortable backpacks to carry.

Key Features

Measurements – 44H x 10D X 32W cm
– Buckles with easy open clasp attachment
– Outer iPod/ phone zip pocket.
– Padded back piece
– Woven shoulder straps with leather shoulder pads.
– Internal fabric dividers
– Two Internal zipped pockets

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