Men shopping for micro accessories, ever found yourself with these questions - ‘Do I really need this?’ ‘Will it fit in my belongings?’ ‘Which material would last long?’ Don’t worry; we have been there too! Truth be told, micro accessories are an important part of a man’s wardrobe, you need them but getting yourself the right ones can be tricky.

There has always been some confusion in the air about what to buy and what to ditch! We’ve found ourselves in this trap too in the past, and that’s why we at MORGAN.M introduced - the most essential micro accessories every man needs! To answer the question about the best material, undeniably, it has to be leather. For ages now leather has been the sartorial choice for both quality and style. At MORGAN.M we use the finest leather from the best tanneries in the world. You can be rest assured to find all your micro essentials here, made of 100% leather. Regardless of your age and taste our designs cater to Men of all backgrounds. Let’s begin with the list right away!


1. Wallet

The ‘carry-it-all’ accessory, used by Men – for carrying cash, card and other belongings. Though wallets are carried inside the pocket, it can make or break a look. How? A stuffed wallet can create a bulky budge, taking away the class from your look. That’s why choosing the right kind of wallet for yourself is important! Our wallets have enough compartments to carry cash and cards with ease; our Bruun wallet does just that! Bruun can carry up to 6 cards, cash and a detachable cardholder causing no bulky appearance. The Bruun wallet is available in Walnut & Navy colour. Our Snow wallet is for the minimalist, anybody who likes to carry the bare minimum. Snow comes in the colour - Tan.


2. Cardholder

For men who like to go cash free and prefer carrying cards – cardholders are for you! Our Bran cardholder is a feather light accessory that makes you feel like it’s barely there, yet it can carry so many cards. It’ll take you by surprise when we tell you that the Bran cardholder can hold up to - 7 cards, a couple of bills and a photo ID in a see through pocket. You can choose from the 4 classic colour options available in Brann - Tan, Walnut, Navy or Black.



3. Document Holder -

Find yourself multitasking through the day? Always on the go for work? Men like you, who are always on the grind – carrying important documents or etablet with you, everywhere you go, need something as good as a safe lock to keep your documents intact. The Threon document holder from MORGAN.M is ideal for all your mini paper documents and e-tablets. It has a slant pouch in the front where your documents and microelectronics can be stored safely. Threon document holder is designed in colours – Black & Tan, to match and elevate the look of any outfit you put on.


 4. Travel Wallet

Travelling abroad means carrying a lot of important papers, documents and your passport. Whether you’re a businessman or just travelling for leisure – a travel wallet always comes handy. Loosing your passport or other documents wile travelling is a fear that haunts all of us, that’s why we designed the Arrwun travel wallet keeping a traveller’s needs on mind. The Arrwun travel wallet comes in a handy size, with pockets for passport, boarding pass, thirteen cards, photo ID and a compartment for currency and other documents. Arrwun is available in - Tan leather & black leather.



5. Wash bag

Just like makeup is to Women, we Men cannot go to a destination without our groom kits and toiletries, can we? No matter how many days you’re off for a trip, there’s always a grooming emergency. The need to keep your look fresh and sharp, how can one do this without their go-to products? And thus the wash bag is a must-have to carry all your grooming and skincare products. The Davus wash bag from MORGAN.M has ample space with double zip opening and leather handle. Its fine polyester interior protects it from any liquid spilling. The Davus wash bag comes in Tan, Walnut, Navy & Black colour.


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Made from 100% leather, sourced from the finest tanneries