Getting candid with the Men behind MORGAN.M – Tom & Sid as they take us behind the scenes talking about their style and their favourites from the MORGAN.M shirt collection. Let’s begin with Tom! We asked Tom about his style and this is what he had to say – “I’d describe my style as dapper but relaxed and I like to experiment with different styles; I’m comfortable in casual or formal, depends on my mood that day”.

 What was the inspiration behind the MORGAN.M shirt collection?

“Us – Sid and I and Men like us, who aspire to make a difference with their style but are taken back by the never evolving Men’s fashion industry. You walk into a store and all you see is an ocean of repeated prints and styles, season after season. We know that there are men like us who want to break free from mass fashion and wear tailored clothes that are extraordinary!”

 We’d like to know your favorite shirt styles for different occasions.

“Well, I love all the styles, they have been well thought and designed, but I’ll try and share a couple of my current favourites!”

 What’s your go-to style for club night?

“The lighting in clubs, in general, is dim, which makes it hard for anyone to stand out. So, I like to wear something exclusive that shines through the dim light - Shoreditch and Dalston do just that with their classy gold fabric finish.

 Your top picks for a casual day out?

“For a day out in the warm summer weather, I prefer half sleeve so Sutton is my go-to summer shirt. Otherwise, for a casual day out with family/friends, I simply pick out any 1 of these 3 – Kingsland, Dulwich or Shacklewell. The common thing about these 3-shirt styles is plaid; it is suitable for almost any occasion and a no brainer to achieve that casual yet smart look.”

 What’s your vacation style like?

“When you’re on a vacation you want to dress easy, look relaxed. Camden and Bethnal do that; it translates your holiday mood into your clothes. The mixing of blues with other colours, is perfect for warm sunny evenings.”

 Where else do you wear MORGAN.M shirts?

“You know there are times when you’re attending – casual yet formal events, where you’re expected to dress sharp, not too formally or casually, just in between. Getting that smart-casual style right can be tricky, but not with the right clothes! Fitzrovia and Farringdon hold a special place in my closet for such occasions. The blend of stripes and checks with other casual elements makes it so unique. For a casual day at home or just strolling around for leisure, I wear - Waltham or Redbridge.”

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