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Life has been stagnant the past few months, starting the day in your formal attire for virtual meetings and later slipping into your cozy sweats. With sober formalwear to sweat pants your closet may be giving you the blues, it’s time to rediscover your style. Spring is here and with the lockdown lift the wait to move outdoors is finally coming to an end. We understood how your wardrobe needed more than just sober hues and formal cuts that’s when - ‘The Avant-Garde’ came to life.

The Avant-Garde is for any man who likes to keep it stylish, he likes to experiment and is looking for a dapper style upgrade - now more than ever. These are not just regular outerwear with mono prints or sober hues; these styles will take your isolated wardrobe to the next level. What is Avant-Garde?

As Wikipedia states “The avant-garde in French, 'advance guard' or ‘vanguard', literally are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture or society” Our collection of shirts is simply just that - modern, classy & unique.

We’ve used the cut & sew technique to introduce your wardrobe to something fancy for the modern fashionable man. Cut and sew is a process where different fabrics are customized from scratch and sewn together, tailoring designs that are unique and produced in small batches. The cut & sew process itself makes the designs unique but in addition to that, our shirts are also tailor made ensuring the perfect fit. We source fabrics from different parts of the world to create designs to ensure exclusivity to a Morgan.M Man. From unique fabric collars, patch pockets, standout cuffs to changing midriff fabrics our designs are truly aesthetically pleasing. Our shirts are made to match the style of a modern man keeping the current lifestyle on mind.

Comfort is key at Morgan.M and hence all the shirts we design are made of premium fabrics to ensure sustainability and long life of each garment. In a world of fast fashion and mass manufactured clothing, we believe in Tailor made shirts that fit sharply and comfortably on you.

Our shirts aptly fall under the smart casual category, different styles for different occasions - For a day out at the beach or for a mini vacation, our shirts - Bethnal and Newington would be the ideal choice, given its fresh colour palette and refreshing blend of different fabrics coming together.
Planning a day out in the countryside? Our shirts - Belgravia and Hampstead are a mix of blue and grey hues. These shirts will be your go-to countryside picks with its smart-casual appeal.
Heading out for a couple of drinks with your mates or got a special intimate celebration coming up? Keep it casual yet suave with our Shoreditch & Dalston shirts, an easy choice because of the crisp cut, champagne gold fabric and gold cuff detailing.
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Made from 100% leather, sourced from the finest tanneries